Launch the “Oriental-Medicine Thermal Massage Chair” that received the CES Innovation Award 2019-02-12

- Differentiated function by applying the oriental-medicine therapy
- Four-dimensional massage programs
- Premium design and various convenience functions

Coway announced that it launched the “Coway Oriental-Medicine Thermal Massage Chair (MC-S01)” on February 12.

○ Delivering New and Innovative Massage Experience by Applying the Oriental-medicine Therapy

This product helps relax body and improve sleep by stimulating major acupoints. It was verified for the effectiveness through clinical test at the Dongguk University Ilsan Oriental Hospital. The Coway Oriental-Medicine Thermal Massage Chair also won the “2019 CES Innovation Award” in recognition for a new-concept product which combined oriental medicine with massage chair.

Coway’s patent technology “Thermal Therapy Tool” is adopted to this product. It operates two thermal therapy balls in the product to stimulate major acupoints, thereby making users feel warm and convenient.

Moreover, the massage chair was designed to fit different users’ body size. Big data-based automatic body size adjustment function ensures optimal acupoints massage. The length of leg massage scope can be automatically adjusted up to maximum 22 centimeters.

A total of seven oriental-medicine thermal massage courses are offered in addition to four general massage courses and two stretching courses.

○ Four-dimensional Massage System

Two thermal massage balls and two general massage balls in this product move up and down and right and left to massage whole body in detail. The L-shaped frame ensures better and more detailed massage than existing I-shaped frame. And the “3-Zone thermal function” provides users with the feeling of warmth and convenience.

○ Premium Design and Convenience Functions

Luxury seat design and quality remind users of those of luxury vehicles and user-friendly remote control is easy to control. Other convenient functions include Bluetooth speaker system, mobile phone storage pocket, and USB-based charging port.

Yong-joo Park, the head of Marketing HQ, said, “The Coway Oriental-Medicine Thermal Massage Chair was recognized for its innovativeness that applied Korea’s traditional medical care in the world. As a leader in the domestic health appliance business, Coway will contribute to developing massage chair technology and expanding massage chair market going forward.”
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