Declare a new vision in commemoration of achieving over one million accounts in Malaysia 2019-01-28

- Hold an event to celebrate the milestone and thank the millionth customer
- More than 10 thousand local employees including Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, attend the event.
- Declare a new vision aimed at achieving two million accounts in Southeast Asia by 2020

On January 25, an event was held at the Axiata Arena located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was prepared to celebrate the achievement of more than one million customer accounts in Malaysia and to declare a new vision.

The event was attended by more than 10 thousand people, including Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, Jae-young Park, head of Global Door-to-Door Sales Division, Ki-ryong Choi, head of Malaysia subsidiary, local CODYs, local health planners, and local employees working at Malaysia subsidiary.

Major programs were a celebration party named “1 Goal, 1 Heart, 1 Million COWAY,” gift presentation to the millionth customer, and declaration of a new vision.

Coway’s Malaysia subsidiary was launched in 2006 and has rapidly grown in the local market thanks to successful localization strategies such as initiating rental service for the first time in Malaysia and first obtaining the halal certification for water purifier. As a result, the number of customer accounts surpassed one million in December 2018.

A local customer Nur Hayati who was invited as the millionth customer said “I selected Coway’s air purifier due to reliable technological power of the leader in the Korean health appliance market and regular professional maintenance service. Coway’s air purifier allows our family to enjoy clean air.”

Moreover, at the event, Coway declared a new vision aimed at achieving two million customer accounts and becoming an unrivaled leader in Southeast Asia by 2020.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, said, “I deeply appreciate the passion and efforts of local Coway employees who realized more than one million customer accounts. I also believe you will achieve the new vision. Our company will grow into a global life care leader by developing diverse localized products and enhancing brand marketing activities going forward.”
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