Establish the “Water Taste Research Institute” 2019-01-16

- With the purpose of researching tasty water and setting the c• With the purpose of researching tasty water and setting the criteria of purified water taste
- Specialists in water technology will join the research institute

Coway opened the “Water Taste Research Institute” in the Coway R&D Institute located in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, on January 16. The research institute aims to study clean and tasty water and to set the criteria of purified water taste. A total of 45 researchers of Coway will join the research institute, all of whom are water specialist certified by the KISA (Korea International Sommelier Association), K-Water, and WQA (Water Quality Association) of the U.S.

Coway had initiated the research on water taste by forming a TFT in 2009 and established the direction of water taste based on case study results at home and abroad in 2011. In 2017, the company launched the GPT (Good Pure Tasty water) Index, Coway’s unique strict water taste criteria. Other activities aimed at elevating the level of research on water taste have included operation of water taste evaluation office, introduction of a special statistical program for water taste evaluation, and cultivation of water taste evaluation panels. These efforts resulted in ranking No. 1 at the event named “Comparing the Taste of Water Purified from Domestic Water Purifiers” hosted by KISA last year.

Going forward, the Water Taste Research Institute will focus on defining the attribute of water taste purified from water purifiers, scientifically verifying the correlation between filter performance and water taste and setting the criteria of tasty water. Core research results will also be reflected in developing filters and water purifiers of Coway.

Sang-hyun Kang, the head of Research Division of Coway Environmental Technology Research Institute, said, “Most research data on tasty water are not appropriate for Korean society and there is no research result in terms of objective indices on water taste. As Korea’s leading water company, Coway will make a concerted effort to create tasty water.”
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