Coway’s creative and innovative products receive attention at the 2019 CES. 2019-01-10

Coway’s products are receiving great attention from visitors and buyers at the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in recognition of creativity, innovativeness, and practicality.

The most popular products are “Water Hybrid Electric Range” and “Smart Pure Electric Range” which maximize user convenience by easily caring water and air during cooking in the kitchen. The Water Hybrid Electric Range is an innovative product with the functions of water purifier and electric range. It not only supplies purified water to electric range directly through the faucet but also controls the amount of water in accordance with the type of foods, ensuring easier cooking.

The Smart Pure Electric Range is a hybrid product of hood and electric range. The integral hood rapidly absorbs food smell and harmful gas generated during cooking, caring kitchen area comfortably. Smart panel on the front of this product provides users with information on heat level, hood operation status, and recipe.

The “Coway Oriental-Medicine Thermal Massage Chair” is also highly recognized for the hybrid of Coway’s differentiated thermal ball technology and oriental medicine technology. This product, developed by collaboration with the Dongguk University Oriental Medicine Hospital, helps improve physical health by adopting massage technology around acupoints.

Moreover, the “Body Caring System,” a smart hybrid product of water softener and rain shower system, is one of most popular products at the 2019 CES. Embedded hose ensures tidy product design and users can easily control the density of water softness and water temperature in accordance with their conditions and external environment. Diverse environmental information such as the level of fine dust is provided through the display panel on the product and IoCare application.

Besides, Coway’s creative care project “Show Your Dreams” was unveiled at the 2019 CES. This project pursues analyzing dreams and showing the results through video, providing a new milestone of future sleep care technology.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, said, “The 2019 CES gave us a chance to demonstrate our innovative technologies caring water, air, and living environment. We will continue to take a step toward becoming a leader in the global well-being health appliances market based on our technologies and creative ideas.”
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