Initiate the “Show Your Dreams” project with a brain scientist Jae-seung Jeong 2019-01-09

At the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, Coway announced that it would initiate the “Show Your Dreams” projects together with Jae-seung Jeong, a professor in bio and brain engineering at KAIST on January 8.

Coway had signed a contract for collaborating the analysis of sleep patterns based on brainwave and development of individually optimal sleep solutions with him.

The Show Your Dreams project aims to diagnose sleep patterns by using the in-ear typed brainwave analyzer and show the dreams people have during REM sleep through videos in real life.

The ultimate goal of this project is to increase the quality of sleep by improving negative part and promoting positive part of dreams.

Coway showcased a prototype of the in-ear typed brainwave analyzer co-developed by the company and him at the CES. Going forward, Coway will develop the product up to the stage of improving the quality of sleep.

Meanwhile, Coway displayed the “Smart Bed” at the CES. It automatically transforms mattress structure by detecting body type and body pressure of users and enables cordless smartphone charging. It also makes it possible to turn on lights under the bed and stand upper body up at the pre-set time, ensuring comfortable morning.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO, said, “The quality of sleep has an important effect on the quality of life and happiness. I believe this project will contribute to sharply increasing the quality of sleep and delivering happiness to daily life.”
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