Introduce the RPA system for business innovation 2018-12-28

Coway introduced the RPA (Robot Process Automation) system to key businesses such as accounting and analysis with the aim of enhancing work efficiency and digital innovation.

The RPA system makes it possible to automatically treat existing simple repetitive tasks such as data gathering through robot software, helping employees focus on value-added works.

Now more than 40 kinds of repetitive works including monitoring of account status, gathering of sales data, check of rental assets status, and inquiry about billing statement are operating by the RPA system, in which a total of 70 robots are being used. As a result, work process speed has improved by approximately 50%.
Coway intends to expand the RPA system to the entire business areas step by step after reviewing the efficiency in a comprehensive manner.

Dong-oh, Nam, the head of Information Strategy Team, said, “The RPA system allows employees to reduce simple repetitive works, thus helping improve working environment and eliminate mistakes and information security risks which can be occurred in the process of manual labor. In line with the digital revolution trend, we will continue to introduce cutting-edge IT technologies to our business, thereby improving the level of business operation and pursuing work-life balance.”
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