Showcase future-oriented technologies and products at the 2019 CES 2019-01-08

Coway participates in the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to be held in Las Vegas from Jan. 8 to 11. This is the fourth participation in a row.

The company set forth “Being Well, Feeling Good” as the concept of exhibition. It symbolizes the commitment to delivering convenience and happiness to consumers’ daily life. Showcase booths are comprised of water care zone (water purifier), air care zone (air purifier), body care zone (bidet, water softener), living care zone (massage chair), and sleep care zone (mattress), in which a total of 33 innovative products and services are presented.

□ Water Care Zone: Coway CIROO Tankless Water Purifier
This product will show the quintessence of technology creating clean and tasty water to the world. It is an innovative product equipped with the 2019 CES Innovation Award-winning CIROO (Coway Intensive Reverse Osmosis) 2.0 filter.

The CIROO 2.0 filter was co-developed by Coway and Toray Chemical, a global chemicals manufacturer, and applied for a patent. It is made of the intensive active dense layer that can eliminate even ion substance with the size of one-in-tens of thousands. This filter boasts six times larger size and 30 times larger water purification capacity than existing CIROO filter, which enables excellent tankless water purification despite RO membrane filter.

The CIROO Water Purifier ensures perfect tankless water purification by adopting the water path drainage mode that wholly drains remnant water from pipes whenever users drink water and directly purifies new water. As for existing tankless water purifiers, water is remained between filters and faucet. The “automatic drainage system” fully drains remnant water throughout the product if the water purifier is idle for 24 hours, thereby maintaining cleanness.

To help visitors better understand, Coway showcases a transparent CIROO Water Purifier. Visitors can see not only the entire process of water purification through the CIROO 2.0 filter but also automatic drainage system.

□ Air Care Zone: Air Simulation System and Interior Smart Air Purifier
Coway first showcases the Air Simulation System which verifies air purification effect by utilizing approximately 196 billion big data with regard to air quality, identified by Coway’s research activities, and computational fluid dynamics technologies. This system will be used for presenting air purification capacity by space and tailored air care solutions to consumers.

The Coway Interior Smart Air Purifier, which is first displayed at the CES, boasts premium design and smart functions as well as excellent air purification.

This product is equipped with the “Double HEPA Filter System” that Coway has developed independently. The Double HEPA Filter System adds curved HEPA filter to the backside of linear HEPA filter, expanding the size of purification space and generating cleaner air. Particularly, the curved HEPA filter helps optimize air flow and purify more air by lessening the air resistance.

In addition, elegant product design is in good harmony with interior space. Fabric-shaped material and premium snow gray and sage green colors deliver Northern Europe look sensitivity to consumers. Coway intends to change the image of air purifier from existing dry and hard home appliance to sensitive environmental appliance that improves home atmosphere.

This product also demonstrates cutting-edge IT technologies such as cordless smartphone charging and real-time interior and exterior air quality check through the IoCare application.

□ Body Care Zone: Toilet-Integrated Smart Bidet and Intelli-Care Karim Bidet
Coway displays the “Toilet-Integrated Smart Bidet” which automatically monitors the health condition of users and helps them form healthy bowel habit at the CES. Urination analysis sensor checks the health condition of users and the results are delivered to them through the IoCare application. This product also provides them with health index identified through body fat and water analysis, helping form healthy bowel habits.

The company also showcases the “Intelli-Care Karim Bidet” developed by the collaboration with a world’s renowned designer Karim Rashid. Pink, gold, and silver-colored product design and polka-dot cover design catch the visitors’ eyes.

To show the “i-wave waterjet system,” the core technology of Coway bidet, to visitors, Coway displays a specially shaped bidet. The “i-wave waterjet system” is an innovative technology that provides users with bidet courses optimized for their body conditions by scientifically combining water pressure, air, cleaning scope, and time consumption.

□ Declare the entrance of bidet business into the North American market
At the CES, Coway will declare the entrance of bidet business into the North American market. To this end, the “Mega” brand developed and launched in accordance with the lifestyle of the North American people will be adopted to bidet products as well as existing air purifier and water purifier. The company had launched the Air Mega, local air purifier brand, in March 2016 and Aqua Mega, local water purifier brand, in January 2018, in North American market. The local brand name of bidet was set at Bidet Mega. Coway intends to proactively target the American bidet market by capitalizing on its competitive waterjet and sterilization technologies and brand power.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO, said, “The CES will give us a chance to demonstrate our innovative technologies which present the future of well-being life. We will continue to take the lead of future-oriented health appliances delivering innovative convenience and happiness to consumers.”
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