Rank first in the water purifier and bidet sector of the “2019 BCSI” 2019-09-26

- Differentiated services such as the “CODY Service Kit” and “Power Clean Service”
- Excellent quality of flagship products including the “CIROO Tankless Water Purifier” and “Style Care Bidet”

Coway has ranked first in the water purifier and bidet sector of the 2019 BCSI (Brand Customer Satisfaction Index) hosted by the Korea Marketing Association for three consecutive years.

The BCSI was launched to identify and disseminate brands that deliver high customer satisfaction with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of national industry.

This year, face-to-face survey was conducted for a total of 1,105 male and female consumers who used target brands from July 8 to 26. Evaluation items were satisfaction, intention to reuse, quality, price, and design.

Woongjin Coway introduced the “CODY Service Kit” including sterilization service in March 2019 with the aim of enhancing professionalism in water purifier maintenance and hygiene. The Coway Service Kit is a professional device which is used when CODY offers regular water purifier maintenance service. CODY sterilizes water tank and water pipes by generating sterilized water through the filter of the Kit.

Moreover, Woongjin Coway started the “Power Clean Service” for more hygienic and efficient bidet maintenance service in September 2017. It is a special service that cleans every corner of bidet with powerful electric brush.

Woongjin Coway was highly acclaimed for product quality as well as service satisfaction. The CIROO Tankless Water Purifier (CHP-7300R) demonstrates direct water purification system despite adopting RO membrane filters with excellent pollutants elimination function.

The Style Care Bidet (BAS31-A) was also well received about the “i-wave system” that offers optimum waterjet tailored to users’ body conditions.

Kim Hyung-kwon, the head of Marketing Strategy Group, said, “Woongjin Coway is committed to caring daily life by continuously developing innovative products without being complacent about current leading market position. We will continue to devote ourselves to providing customer-centered products and services.”
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