Launch the “Prime Large King,” a topper-replaceable mattress 2019-09-16

Woongjin Coway launched the “Prime Large King,” a large-sized topper-replaceable mattress, that ensures the quality of sleep.

The Prime Large King boasts the largest size among Woongjin Coway’s mattress products. This product provides comfortable sleeping space without any interruption by the next person. The width and length of this product are 1,800 mm and 2,080 mm, respectively, which ensure comfortable sleep even for tall users.

The “Five Zone Contour Form” topper, which distributes weight in five densities in accordance with body curve, is applied to this product. This function offers optimized comfortableness to body, helping maintain right sleeping posture.

It has about 1,000 closely-spaced independent springs, 15% more than king-size mattress, to elaborately support body, ensuring deep and sound sleep without interruption.

Rental purchasing of the product is guaranteed to replace the topper every three years (in case of 6-year contract) and customers can choose hard-type topper or medium-type topper. The 7-step mattress care service by the Home Care Doctor is also available every four months.

Lim Sung-keun, the head of Sleep Care Team, said, “We launched the large king-sized mattress to meet the trend that the number of customers who use mattress with children is increasing and average height has been on a rise. We will continue to provide more comfortable sleeping environment by launching a serious of mattresses optimized for consumers’ diverse lifestyle.”
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