Promote a sales event for air purifiers in commemoration of the Chuseok 2019-09-11

Woongjin Coway announced on September 11 that it would promote a sales event for air purifiers for a month in commemoration of the Chuseok.

Monthly maximum KRW 4,000 (KRW 240 thousand for five years in total) rental fee discount benefit is offered to new rental customers of eight kinds of air purifiers (AP-0818A, AP-1018F, AP-1516D, AP-1717A, AP-1515D White Color, AP-1515D Metallic Silver Color, AP-3018B Basic, AP-3018B Advanced) including the Multi-action Air Purifier for the event period.

Particularly, the Multi-action Air Purifier is an innovative product equipped with the air dynamics technology which is Woongjin Coway’s knowhow that creates clean air flow. It provides four modes of multi-action functions according to air quality and space conditions.

Kim Hyung-kwon, the head of Marketing Strategy Group, said, “This promotion was designed to reward customers’ trust and love in commemoration of the Chuseok and fall season. Going forward, we will continue to promote diverse events and give benefits to help more consumers experience our innovative products.”
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