Participate in the “IFA 2019” to target European and the Middle Eastern markets 2019-09-09

- Showcasing 21 innovative products including air purifier, FWSS, and water purifier
- Launching strategic products tailored to European and the Middle Eastern markets
- Multi-action air purifier boasting innovative technology and anti-allergy certification from Europe

Woongjin Coway participates in the “IFA (International Funkausstellung) 2019” held in Berlin, Germany, from September 9 to 11 to target European and the Middle Eastern markets.

The IFA, as the largest home appliances show in Europe, is considered as one of the world’s top three home appliances and IT exhibitions with the CES (Consumer Electrics Show) in Las Vegas, the U.S. and MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain.

Woongjin Coway showcases a total of 21 innovative products including 12 air purifiers, 8 water purifiers, and a FWSS at the IFA 2019.

Particularly, air purifiers won far more attention from visitors and buyers. Recently, the number of customers looking for air purifier is on a rise due to pollen allergy throughout Europe and particularly air pollution in Eastern Europe. Woongjin Coway had entered Spain and has maintained top position in air purifier sales on the Prisjkt, the largest price comparison website, since 2015. The company also initiated sales of air purifiers through in Italy and Germany in May 2019 and industry-first Amazon Dash Replenishment service in June.

Woongjin Coway plans to target Germany, U.K., France, Netherland, Italy, and Saudi Arabia with air purifiers and Germany, Spain, Kuwait, and Jordan with water purifiers equipped with RO membrane filter.

The most popular product at the IFA 2019 is “Multi-action Air Purifier (AP-1516D).” This product distinguish itself from existing ones by adopting air dynamics technology that controls air flow in accordance with space and situation. This product also obtained the anti-allergy certification from the ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation).

At the IFA 2019, Woongjin Coway showcased the “Mini Multi-action Air Purifier.” This product is suitable for living environment with the space of 10 pyeong and will be launched in Europe in 1Q 2020.

Lee Ji-hoon, the head of Global Retail Sales Div., said, “At the IFA 2019, our air purifiers received huge attention from visitors and buyers and were recognized for world-class technologies. We will expand our reach to Europe beyond Southeast Asia and the Americas to evolve into a leading global player.”
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