Launch the “Essence Bidet” to provide customers with a wider choice 2019-09-05

- Focusing on hygiene and cleaning functions
- Product model for retail lump-sum sales only and diversification of sales channels

Woongjin Coway launched the “Essence Bidet (BA34-A),” an economical product focused on hygiene and cleaning which are core functions of bidet.

This product demonstrates high hygiene by adopting nozzle self-cleaning function before and after use. Stainless steel nozzle and detachable nozzle tip ensure convenience in maintenance. Antibacterial toilet seat helps maintain cleanness.

The “soft start” function which increases waterjet pressure smoothly also boasts detailed and comfortable cleaning. Moreover, the “minute soft waterjet” function satisfies female users.

This product adopted the IPX5-rating waterproof design that ensures convenient water cleaning without concerns about troubles. The “Green Plug Power-Saving System” ensures high energy consumption efficiency.
Woongjin Coway launched the Essence Bidet for retail lump-sum sales only and plans to diversify sales channels. Purchasing this product is available at Hi-mart and E-mart. Lump-sum price is KRW 315 thousand.

Yoon Gyeong-han, the head of Body Care Team, said, “This product provides a wider choice to customers who lay emphasis on economical use. We will continue to launch products meeting changes in lifestyle and consumption trend.”
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