Operate the “Coway Clean Space” within theater 2018-08-17

Coway announced that it would operate the “Coway Clean Space” within the CGV Yoido located in the IFC Mall from August 17 to the end of this year. The space will be added to the CGV Youngdeundpo in early September.

The Coway Clean Space is available to a theater of the CGV Yoido. A large-sized “Coway Quattro Power Air Purifier (AP-3018B) is installed in the space to systematically manage indoor air quality, which contributes to moviegoers enjoying movies in pleasant environment. Adopting a total of four sets of four-step filter system at the top and bottom on the front and rear sides, respectively, this product cares air even in a wide space.

Moreover, Coway installed the FWSS which was launched in this May in the Cine Library of CGV Myeongdong Station to give visitors a chance for experiencing the product’s differentiated intensive wear care function that eliminates even fine dust as well as common dust and odor.

Yong-joo Park, the head of Marketing Department, said, “Increasing needs for pleasant environment will usher more people in the Coway Clean Space. We will continue to expand the Coway Clean Space to public facilities where air quality control is indispensable.”
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