Launch the “SIROO Stand-typed Water Purifier” 2018-08-14

On August 14, Coway launches the “SIROO Stand-typed Water Purifier (CHP/CP-5700R) that can offer large-capacity cold water and unlimited purified water through tankless system despite smaller size. This product is suitable for business and office use.

This product boats higher space efficiency due to 6 cm smaller size than our existing large-capacity stand-typed water purifiers.

Meanwhile, the capacity of cold water tank was expanded to 7 liters from 6 liters of existing products, which helps users fully enjoy cold water during the hot summer.

The tankless “CIROO 2.0 Filter” system makes it possible to use purified water storage limit. The CIROO 2.0 filter was co-developed by Coway and Toray Chemical, a global chemicals manufacturer, and applied for a patent. It is made of the intensive active dense layer that can eliminate even ion substance with the size of one-in-tens of thousands. This filter boasts six times larger size and 30 times larger water purification capacity than existing CIROO filter, which enables excellent tankless water purification despite RO membrane filter.

Particularly, this product blocks off the inflow of purified water when extracting cold water, thereby ensuring more capacity of cold water than existing stand-typed water purifiers.

The innovative design increases user convenience. Higher faucet position allows users to fill the cup or bottle without bending the body and extended water-taking space accommodates any kind of bottles.

Considering the fact that large-sized bottles are commonly used at restaurants and offices, this product offers an automatic water extraction function fixed at the capacity of 1 liter, 1.5 liters, and three-minute long. This function helps users easily take water at a single touch.

Moreover, the light sensor automatically controls the operation of this product in accordance with the amount of light, ensuring efficient use of electricity.

Se-yong Kim, the head of Product Strategy Division, said, “The SIROO Stand-typed Water Purifier is a product that we have adopted innovative functions in the fields of water capacity, hygiene, and pollutants elimination considering that it would be suitable for restaurants and offices with numerous users. We will continue to plan and develop customer-centric products.”
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