Participate in the “2019 Gwangju Design Biennale” 2019-09-06

Woongjin Coway announced that it would participate in the “2019 Gwangju Design Biennale” to be held in Gwangju Metropolitan City from September 7 to October 31.

The Gwangju Design Biennale, hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan Government and Gwangju Design Center, is the world’s first international design biennale. This is the 8th anniversary and major theme is “Humanity,” the integration of human and community.

Woongjin Coway built an exhibition booth with the concept of “Coway, wearing the color of nature.” Particularly, natural color-coated water purifiers and air purifiers deliver space with sympathy and rest.

The “Nano Tankless Water Purifier (CHP-7200N)” and “Coway Air Purifier (AP-1019E/F) will be showcased at the exhibition. These products feature hazy blue and sage green colors symbolizing clean water and forest. Those won the design award at the “2019 IDEA Design Award,” one of world’s top three design awards.

Woongjin Coway has been conducting the CMF (color, material, finish) innovation activities since June to meet the needs for lifestyle of the millennials and characterful design and color.

Song Hyun-joo, the head of Design Research Center, said, ‘To deliver our design philosophy and message focused on environment and human, we decided to participate in the Gwangju Design Biennale. With the commitment to managing water and air which are fundamental to life, we will make a concerted effort to develop product design for customers’ healthy life.”
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