Launch the “Style Care Remote Bidet” 2019-09-03

- Slim-sized remote control, efficient utilization of space, and convenience
- ‘i-wave waterjet system’ tailored to body condition

Woongjin Coway launched the “Style Care Remote Bidet (BAS33-A)” which is operated by remote control and provides cleaning courses tailored to body condition.

This product demonstrates high convenience and space utilization by adopting the slim-sized wall-mounting remote control. It ensures easy installation regardless of bathroom structure, minimal design of less 20% product size, and simplified control buttons.

The “i-wave system” was also adopted to the product. This system provides six kinds of waterjet courses tailored to body condition. It is Woongjin Coway’s innovative technology that creates optimized cleaning courses by integrating water pressure, air, scope, and time information.

The 3-step self-sterilization system ensures higher hygiene. This product sterilizes water pipe, nozzle, and toilet automatically and users can check the sterilization process through LED display panel under the product. The cover-type bidet and anus nozzles also enhance hygiene.

The braille transcription on the remote control helps the visually handicapped use the product easily. It was audited by the Korea’s Disabled Consumer Association.

Yoon Gyeong-han, the head of Body Care Team, said, “Slim-sized wall-mounting remote control helps create sophisticated bathroom interior design and optimized care function. We will continue to launch innovative products with better user convenience.”
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