Hold the “Dongchimi Festival” for multicultural families 2018-11-23

- As a differentiated social contribution program that reflects business features
- Making dongchimi with purified water
- Inviting multicultural families to share Korean traditional foods and culture

On November 22, a lot of multicultural families and best customers gathered in the Kintex located in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, to enjoy the “3rd Dongchimi Festival” hosted by Coway. At the festival, participants made dongchimi with clean water purified through Coway’s high-tech filters and then delivered it to the marginalized, sharing love with neighbors.

This event was prepared to appreciate the importance of corporate identity “Korea’s Representative Water Company” and management philosophy “Going Together.” Dongchimi was donated to both social welfare centers and Coway employees to thank their efforts for the year. The Dongchimi Festival is highly recognized as a specialized CSV program which can be promoted only by Coway.

A total of more than 300 people participated in the festival, including the CEO Hae-sun Lee, employees, best customers, and multicultural families supported by the Multicultural Family Support Center of Goyang-si.

Particularly, foreign wives of multicultural families joined making dongchimi and Korean traditional foods by wearing Hanbok, thereby further experiencing Korean culture and Coway’s love sharing program.

They made more than 7,000 boxes of dongchimi based on recipe delivered from the 58th Korea food master Ha-yeon Lee.

Je-ni Choi (age 30, Philippines), a foreign wife participant, said, “I’m very pleased to first make Korean traditional foods and also happy to share those with neighbors.”

Hae-sun Lee, said, “All our employees felt worth in that a lot of people including customers and multicultural families joined the festival and conducted love sharing activities. Going forward, we will continue to fulfill our corporate responsibility by capitalizing on our unique resources and differentiated competitiveness.”
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