Launch low level family bed frames 2018-11-22

Coway launched low level family bed frames (CFSS-LM01/02G, CFQ-LM01/02G) which can easily be combined and detached. These products enable users to redesign beds in accordance with changes in living environment.

Wider bed built by combining two beds is useful for customers with infants. The bed can be detached for separate use when they are grown.

Being safe and convenient, the low level bed frame is available for anyone from infants to adults. The side guard of these products prevent infants from falling from bed. The cushions on frame head and both sides deliver warm and cozy feeling. Frames are tightly connected by brackets to minimize vibration and ensure convenient sleeping environment.

Support bracket on the bottom of frame prevents mattress from pollution, transformation, humidity, and mold. Also, high-quality E0-grade wooden frame remains free from harmful substances.

Coway’s professional hygiene manager Homecare Doctor visits rental customers to offer free combination and detachment services once for rental period. In addition, quarterly 7-stage mattress care service is provided to customers who add mattress rental contract.

Rental fee of CFSS-LM01/02 and, CFQ-LM01/02G is KRW 25,900 and KRW 27,900 per month (based on KRW 100,000 registration fee and six-year rental program). Lump-sum prices are KRW 1.7 million and KRW 1.9 million, respectively. In commemoration of launch, free registration and 10% discount on monthly rental fee are provided to super single and queen combination package rental subscribers.

Se-yong Kim, the head of Product Strategy Division, said, “These products were launched to deliver family-friendly sleeping environment. We expect these products to gain popularity from both households with children and soon-to-be married couples.”
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