Initiate an IoT-based air care service in connection with Kakao Home application 2018-11-08

Coway initiates a voice recognition air care service in connection with Kakao Home application on November 8 to further improve user convenience.

This service is introduced to three kinds of air purifiers – Active Action Air Purifier IoCare (AP-0818A), Multi-Action Humidifying Air Purifier IoCare (APMS-1516E), and Dual Power Air Purifier IoCare (AP-1515D). It is available for existing customers as well as new customers.

These products can be controlled by simple voice commands for Kakao mini speaker. This service makes it possible not just to turn on and turn off products but also to control air power strength and check indoor air quality. Available voice recognition statements include “Hey! Kakao. turn on or turn off air purifier.”, “Raise the Strength of Wind.”, “How is current indoor air quality?”, etc. This service is also available through the Kakao Home and Kakao Talk applications for smart phone users.

Se-yong Kim, the head of Product Strategy Division, said, “We have been taking the lead in developing products and services in connection with cutting-edge technologies including IoT in a bid to provide customers with more convenient and efficient living environment. In this regard, collaboration with the domestic and foreign leading AI platform providers will continue going forward, thereby giving more chances to experience our innovative technologies to customers.”

Coway started differentiated services in connected with Amazon’s AI platform “Alexa” in the previous year for the first time in the U.S. air purifier market, gaining positive responses. This year in Korea, the advanced service for air care has been introduced through Naver’s AI platform “Clova” and Google’s AI speaker “Google Home,” ushering the health appliances business in the era of innovation.
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