Launch the “Style Care Bidet” 2018-11-01

- Equipped with upgraded “i-wave water-jet system” that offers six customized courses
- Eco green system to save power consumption up to 19.3%
- Space-efficiency slim size and intuitive design

On November 5, Coway launched a new bidet (BAS31-A) named “Style Care Bidet” that offers six kinds of cleaning courses optimized to users’ physical conditions.

Differentiated function of this product is driven by Coway’s innovative technology “i-wave system” that provides optimized cleaning courses by combining water pressure, air, cleaning scope, and time control functions with consideration for physical conditions.

Generally, a bidet sprays water straightly and only water pressure control is available. Coway’s water-jet care function was developed considering that bidet users have different cleaning habits. This product adopted the upgraded i-wave system consisting of six customized cleaning courses – basic cleaning mode, low stimulation mode, nozzle-mobile active move mode, etc. Existing i-wave system offered only four courses. Users are able to select any course they want with a touch.

The three-stage automatic self-sterilization system cleans up waterflow path, nozzle, and toilet bowl every day and on every use of this product. Users can check the sterilization process through the LED lamp on the bottom of this product and stainless-steel nozzle and detachable nozzle tip also ensure high hygiene and safe maintenance.

The eco green system makes it possible to save power consumption up to maximum 19.3% compared with existing systems that supply heated water from water tank.

Product design is also stylish and efficient. Slim and compact size ensures higher space efficiency and Indian pink colored operation panel delivers warm and soft mood. Intuitive button design allows users to easily control diverse functions.

Yong-joo Park, the head of Marketing HQ, said, “Differentiated functions and design of this new product will gain positive responses from consumers. We will continue to launch new products optimized to usage environment based on our innovative technologies.”
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