Rank top in the household water purifier sector of the 2018 KCSI 2018-10-11

- Offer differentiated services by Cody
- Highly recognized for showcasing innovative products such as “CIROO Tankless Water Purifier”

Coway announced that it ranked top in the household water purifier sector of the “2018 KCSI (Korea Customer Satisfaction Index)” hosted by KMAC (Korea Management Association Consulting) on October 11. The company has ranked No. 1 position 15 times since the first achievement in 2000.

The KCSI, which shows the level of customer satisfaction on products and services in each industrial field, was first developed by KMAC in 1992 and has demonstrated the longest history and public confidence in Korea.
Coway received 82.9 points in the comprehensive satisfaction level and relatively higher scores in most categories including “general satisfaction,” “element satisfaction,” and “intention of repurchasing” than competitors.

On top of that, Coway took the No.1 ranking in the 2018 NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index). These remarkable achievements proved the company’s unrivaled service capability in Korea.

Particularly, Coway was highly recognized for differentiated service quality conducted by the Cody system and continuous launch of customer-centered innovative products.

To realize corporate value, the company established the “Service Lab,” an innovative place for customers in May of this year. It aims to analyze customer experience and promote service differentiation. Coway is facilitating monitoring and research of services through the Service Lab with the purpose of offering customers the best experience in the process of product installation and use.

The company also launched the “CIROO Tankless Water Purifier (CHP-7300R).” It changed prejudice about existing water purifiers that it was very difficult to pursue high filtering performance and tankless water purification at the same time. The CIROO Tankless Water Purifier is an innovative product adopting tankless method despite RO membrane filter.

Hyun-jeong Yoon, the head of CS HQ, said, “Coway will not only keep the value of clean water and air but also provide customers with differentiated services, thereby becoming a company to deliver impression to them.”
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