Host the “2nd Coway Run” marathon race in Malaysia 2018-10-07

- Marathon race for health attended by more than 6,000 Malaysian people
- Raised a social contribution fund equivalent to the number of participants to solve local water issues
- Become a national brand in Malaysia

At 7 a.m. local time, the “2nd Coway Run” marathon race was held at the CERDAN MAEPS Park in Malaysia, which proved the status of Coway as a national enterprise. This event was prepared to share the value of healthy life with local people by making participants feel the value of clean water and air through drinking water and breathing in the race.

More than 6,000 local people participated in the Coway Run marathon race. Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, also joined 5km race to encourage them. The size of event further increased compared with the previous year.
A variety of items that symbolize water and air, which are core capabilities of Coway, were included in the race course. Participants were able to experience the value of water and air by passing through a large mist tunnel, an air tunnel, and sprinklers. Particularly, 3 meter-high water purifier and air purifier attracted much attention.

Moreover, Coway promoted the improvement of water welfare in local communities through this event. The company raised a social contribution fund equivalent to the number of participants. The fund will be spent on improving the quality of water at outer regions with water shortage. Coway has been taking the initiative in addressing water shortage issue by supporting rainwater supply equipment to 1,000 households in Malaysia for five years starting since the previous year.

Besides, Coway arranged Korea-related event zones where local people can enjoy Korean traditional clothes and Korean foods in collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization, thereby introducing the culture and lifestyle of Korea to them naturally.

Malaysia subsidiary, established in 2006, has enjoyed more than 30% growth annually for recent six years and maintained No. 1 position in the local water purifier market. Sales in 2017 stood at KRW 207.5 billion and sales in the first half of 2018 reached KRW 157.3 billion, an increase of 70% year-on-year, as well. Malaysia subsidiary expects the number of accounts to surpass one million this year and plans to accelerate growth as a hub for Coway’s overseas business.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, said, “This event has a great meaning in the way that we can introduce our brand direction and deliver the value of clean water to local people by directly communicating with them. We will continue to share our management philosophy pursuing healthy life with all people and emerge as a global leader in the health appliance business.”
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