Launch an electric range named “Hyper Highlight” 2018-10-01

Coway launches an electric range (CER-03) named “Hyper Highlight” on October 1.

The best feature of this product is a large-sized hyper burner boasting strong firepower. Turbo mode generates 2.7kw high power, which allows users to reduce cooking time by around 56% compared with existing product without the hyper burner.

This product offers four kinds of cooking modes – turbo mode which can reduce cooking time, single or dual modes that accommodate multiple pan sizes, and heat-retaining mode, which help users enjoy cooking more easily and conveniently.

This product adopted glass stovetop of Germany-based SCHOTT CERAN and E.G.O.’s heating elements to ensure high quality and safety. In addition, electric work is not required as it uses general power cable, which helps easy product mobility and efficient energy use.

Se-yong Kim, the head of Product Strategy Division, said, “Our new electric range demonstrates high-powered hyper highlight burner that makes cooking easy and reduces cooking time, thereby better satisfying customers.”
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