Cultivate “sleeping environment care specialists” in partnership with KOSIA and KPC 2018-09-17

To disseminate healthy and better sleeping environment, Coway takes the initiative in cultivating sleeping environment care specialists in partnership with Korea Sleep Industry Association (KOSIA) and Korea Productivity Center (KPC).

Coway signed a business contract for healthy and correct sleeping environment proposals with KOSIA and KPC at its head office on September 14. This contract aims to help Coway’s hygiene specialists named “Homecare Doctor” enhance their service competence, thereby providing customers with optimum sleeping solutions.

As part of the contract, all three parties will cultivate sleeping environment care specialists by developing the “sleeping environment manager qualification course” which is Korea’s first private sleeping education certification. This course will be preferentially offered to Homecare Doctors. They will learn how to analyze individual sleeping habits and lifestyle patterns and how to provide optimum sleeping environment solutions based on the results.

Jong-bae Kim, the head of Health Appliance Business HQ, said, “This contract will allow us to provide customers with more customized sleeping environment than ever before. We will continue to expand differentiated services for more healthier customer lifestyle.”

Coway initiated the mattress care rental service for the first time in Korea in 2011. Since then, the company has focused on developing innovative technologies and services to ensure healthy sleeping environment. Especially, since January 2018, Coway has been conducting researches on brainwave-based sleeping improvement in cooperation with Jae-seung Jeong, a professor in bio and bran engineering at KAIST.
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