Hold a photo event to promote the CIROO tankless water purifier 2018-09-12

A photo event was held at Yein Hall of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on September 12 with the aim of promoting the CIROO tankless water purifier (CHP/CP-7300R).

The CIROO tankless water purifier is the outcome of our endless research efforts for creating the best taste of water. This product enables tankless water purification despite equipping with RO membrane filter which is recognized for the most excellent water purification function.

Existing RO membrane filter has needed water tank as the amount of water purification per hour is small due to the characteristics of purifying harmful substances more densely and elaborately than hollow fiber and nano filters.

The “CIROO 2.0,” RO membrane filter of the CIROO tankless water purifier, boasts six times broader filtration space and 30 times larger water purification function than existing CIROO filter.

At the event, the company displayed the CIROO tankless water purifier on the king’s chair to visually inform the excellence of the product.
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