Hold the first “Air Forum” to have an insight to response to future environmental issues 2018-09-07

On September 6, the first “Coway Air Forum” held at the Environmental Technology Institute located in Seoul National University was ended in great success. The Air Forum was held by Coway’s Environmental Technology Institute and sponsored by Korean Society of Environment & Health, Korean Air Cleaning Association, and Korea Radon Association.

This forum was prepared to share the pending issues pertaining to indoor air quality which is an issue of growing importance internally and externally and to seek ways for improvement through in-depth discussion with professionals. Around 150 people attended the forum, including Sun-yong Lee, the head of Environmental Technology Research Center, Yoon-sin Kim, a chair-professor at Konkuk University, Jong-ryul Son, a professor at Korea University, and many experts in air quality.

The main theme at the forum was “how to effectively control indoor air quality and impacts on health.” Sun-yong Lee, the head of Environmental Technology Research Center made the opening remarks and some research results were introduced, including case studies on indoor air pollutants and hazardousness evaluation, future issue substances related to indoor air and impacts on health, and recent policies and researches on indoor air quality.

Sun-yong Lee, the head of Environmental Technology Research Center, said, “This forum gave us an important opportunity to set the directions of future air purifiers and health appliances through in-depth discussions on indoor air quality and health in the aspects of technology and academy. We also expect to create synergy in preparing indoor air quality management solutions.”
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