Launch the “AIRMEGA” brand aimed at targeting Japanese air purifier market 2018-09-05

Coway is set on taking over the premium air purifier market in Japan by holding an event to launch the “AIRMEGA” brand in Tokyo in September 4.

Coway have already been selling water purifiers since 2012. This event marked the beginning of air purifier sales and product category expansion in Japan. Japan is one of the world’s largest air purifier markets, along with the US and China. Japanese home appliances makers including Sharp and Panasonic have dominant share in local air purifier market.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, Yong-joo Park, the head of Marketing HQ, and Ji-hoon Lee, the head of Global Market Sales Division, attended the event to introduce the company’s strategies for entering Japanese air purifier market and the premium air purifier brand “AIRMEGA.”

Coway launched four products in Japan through the event – AIRMEGA 400 and AIRMEGA 300 which are popular in the US market, AIRMEGA Storm, the best-selling product in Korea and Malaysia, and AIRMEGA 600 which was launched in Korea and China recently.

The AIRMEGA brand equipped with higher air purification function based on air care technology will become the spearhead for targeting Japanese market. These products will be sold through the Big Camera, large home appliance franchise stores in Japan, and online shopping malls.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO of Coway, said, “We will penetrate Japanese premium air purifier market based on our air care technology which is highly recognized throughout the world. The launch of AIRMEGA brand in Japan will raise the status of Korea’s air purifier products in local market.”
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