Hold a science camp for employees’ children 2018-08-13

Coway held a science camp at the Environmental Technology Research Institute located in R&D Park of Seoul National University for three days since August 10, to which 40 elementary school student children of employees were invited.

The science camp is a family-friendly program that provides children with opportunities for doing water and air related scientific experiments. Coway has been holding this camp twice a year with the aim of delivering the identity and value of Coway’s business to families and cultivating their children’s scientific thinking and creativity.

Diverse water-themed programs were offered to camp participants. They were able to easily understand the characteristics of water by checking water quality, experiencing the role of water sommelier, making simple water purifiers, and practicing electrolysis.

They not only learned about operating principles of water purifier and filter and how to distinguish water taste from Coway researchers, but also experienced the value of eco-friendly future technologies by directly making water capsule, straw-typed purification filter, and hydrogen energy. These activities allowed them to fully sympathize with their parents’ works.

Jung-soo Ko, a researcher Coway, who joined the camp, said, “I felt pride in the company once again when my son became interested in science and wanted to become a scientist like me in the future.”

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO, said, “We planned the camp to share the value of our business with both employees and their families. We will continue to expand the culture of family-friendly management.”
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