Promote an ad campaign for FWSS titled “clean inside and outside” 2018-08-06

Coway launched an ad campaign for FWSS, a flagship product in the second half of 2018, with the title of “clean inside and outside” on August 3 for the purpose of enhancing communication with consumers.

The main ad campaign copy phrase “Coway cares cleanness both inside and outside” emphasizes that FWSS is an innovative two-in-one product which enables intensive wear care and year-round care for clean space.

To better deliver the feature and differentiation of this product to consumers, the video ad shows diverse scenes of using the product with the concept of “contact with skin ‘IN,’ express a style ‘OUT,’ intensively care clothes ‘IN,’ and care even space ‘OUT’.”

This new ad campaign is put on the air through public TV, cable TV, and general programming cable TV broadcasters.

Yong-joo Park, the head of Marketing Department, said, “This ad campaign focuses on informing more consumers of the necessity of caring both inside and outside the space and demonstrating the competitiveness of our FWSS. We will continue to conduct diverse communication activities for expanding the scope of consensus with consumers.”

Coway’s FWSS has gained great popularity in the market since the launch in March as the first batch of 1,000 units was sold out just in a week. Coway starts rental sales of FWSS on August 1st on the strength of positive customer response since its launch.
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