Promote an event for customer appreciation in commemoration of starting rental sales of FWSS 2018-08-01

Coway starts rental sales of FWSS on August 1st on the strength of positive customer response since its launch. The company also prepared the “Rental Plus Up” event that discounts 15% of monthly rental fee of FWSS for existing Coway customers for two months in gratitude for them.

Coway’s FWSS has gained great popularity in the market since the launch in March backed by the differentiated concept that ensures clothes management and space care at the same time. The first batch of 1,000 units was sold out just in a week.

On the back of higher-than-expected consumer response, Coway starts rental sales of FWSS beyond existing lump-sum sales. Monthly rental fee is set at KRW 49,900 for FAD-01 model (premium type) and KRW 47,900 for FAD-02 model (general model).

To commemorate the starting of rental sales and appreciate customers, Coway implements the “Rental Plus Up” event for existing customers for two months.

Through this event, existing customers of Coway water purifier, air purifier, bidet, water softener, and mattress can get 10% discount of monthly rental fee and exemption of registration fee when they add FWSS rental program. 15% discount of monthly rental fee and exemption of registration fee are granted to customers who have used existing products for five years.

Yong-joo Park, the head of Marketing HQ, said, “Our company has celebrated 20th anniversary of rental business this year. In this regard, starting rental sales of FWSS which will be a new growth engine has a great meaning. As the FWSS has been recognized for its value in the market, we expect swifter sales increase of FWSS on the back of starting the rental program.”
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