Increase around 30% YoY in sales of water purifier 2018-07-31

In July, sales of Coway water purifiers including the CIROO Water Purifier sharply increased on the back of prolonged hot weather.

Unit sales of Coway water purifiers increased around 30% compared with the same period in the previous year. Particularly, unit sales of cold water purifiers accounted for more than 60% among total sales in July, which was mainly attributable to continued hot weather and tropical night phenomenon.

The CIROO Water Purifier has become the spearhead of sales increase. The number of this product sold just in a month since the launch in mid-June exceeded 5,000 units.

The CIROO Water Purifier is an innovative product that ensures tankless purification of abundant water despite RO membrane filter. The CIROO (Coway Intensive Reverse Osmosis) 2.0 filter boasting six times larger filter space than existing one ensures 30 times larger water purification performance.

Moreover, CHP/CP-6310L model equipped with the “cold water plus function” that can doubly purify cold water compared with existing same-sized water purifiers has gained great popularity since the launch in early July. The first batch of 5,000 units were sold out just in a day.

Sang-joon Kim, the head of Communication Office, said, “Recent scorching heat triggered sales growth of cold water purifiers. We expect this trend to continue for a while due to extended heat wave.”
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