Take the top place on the 2018 NCSI in the water purifier and air purifier sectors 2018-07-09

- Differentiated customer service innovations such as Service Lab and Redcap Organization
- Recognition for developing customer-oriented products such as CIROO Tankless Water Purifier

Coway took the top place on the 2018 NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index) in the water purifier and air purifier sectors, surveyed by the Korea Productivity Center.

The NCSI is determined by customers’ direct evaluations on product quality and satisfaction. Water purifier sector was launched in 2014 and since then, Coway has maintained its top position in this sector. Air purifier sector was first established this year.

Taking top place in those sectors was mainly attributable to Coway’s consistent efforts for innovating products and services based on its CRM principle “Beyond Expectation.”

Coway opened the “Service Lab,” an innovative space for realizing customer value, in the May where differentiated customer services can be created by analyzing customer experiences. Through the Service Lab, Coway monitors how customers have the best experiences in the entire process ranging from product installation to real use and carries out researches on improving customer services.

Since July 2017, the Redcap organization has been operating with the aim of practicing customer-oriented management activities. The Redcap contains the meaning “a well-prepared service organization for customers” who can swiftly cope with urgent customer issues and solve customer complaints as soon as possible.

Coway is focusing on developing innovative water purifiers and air purifiers meeting needs of customers. This commitment gave birth to the CIROO Water Purifier that directly supply water without water tank despite using RO membrane filter with the aim of providing a solution to customers who waver between filter performance and tankless structure. The company had launched the “Active Action Air Purifier” that autonomously purifies indoor air before being polluted.

Hyun-jeong Yoon, the head of CS HQ, said, “Product responsibility is of paramount importance when developing health appliances such as water purifier and air purifier and related services, as those are directly affecting lives of customers. In this regard, we at Coway are committed to providing products and services centered on customers.”
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