Coway TQA Center becomes the authorized testing lab for China’s CCC & CQC certifications 2018-06-21

Coway TQA Center obtained the qualification as an authorized testing lab for China’s CCC & CQC certifications from the CQC (China Quality Certification Centre).

The CCC (China Compulsory Certification) certification is mandatory for the export of electric appliances such as water purifier, air purifier, and bidet, while the CQC certification is left to the discretion of companies.

The qualification was obtained from the CCIC (China Certification & Inspection Group) KOREA. It presents that Coway’s products are able to obtain the CCC and CQC certifications by self-test at the TQA (Trust & Quality Assurance) Center. This achievement resulted from cutting-edge test facilities and excellent testing competence of the International Safety Assurance Center under the TQA Center. The qualification will contribute to reducing testing costs by 50% and testing period by 30%.

Moreover, Coway plans to increase response ability to tightening Chinese regulations by closely cooperating with the CCIC KOREA.

Seon-yong Jung, the head of Coway TQA Center, said, “The qualification as an authorized testing lab will enable us to rapidly supply safety-certified products to rapidly-changing Chinese market. We will continue to make efforts for strengthening product safety.”

Since the establishment of TQA Center equipped with internationally authorized testing equipment for the first time in the domestic health appliance industry in Yugu Plant in 2012, Coway has been engaging in verifying and certifying product safety. Currently, Coway TQA Center has 12 qualifications on authorized testing lab and demonstrates cutting-edge testing equipment and advanced technologies.
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