Notice on Change of CEO 2019-08-12
1. Details of Change Before the Change Hae-Sun Lee
After the Change Hae-Sun Lee, Ji-Yong Ahn
2. Reasons for Change Newly appointed CEO, Ji-Yong Ahn
3. Date of Change 2019-08-12
4. Other references useful for making investment decisions - 3. Date of change is based on the resolution of the board of directors 
- Change to independent representative system

[Profile of the Newly Appointed CEO]

Name Relationship to the Largest Shareholder Professional Background Remarks
Hae-Sun Lee Person Affiliated to the Largest Shareholder -CEO, Woongjin Coway (Current) 
-CEO, CJ CheilJedang 
-CEO, CJ O Shopping 
-CMO, Amorepacific
Ji-Yong Ahn Person Affiliated to the Largest Shareholder -Head of Business Management Division, Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd. (Current) 
-Head of Business Planning & Coordination, Woongjin Co., Ltd. 
-Head of Business Management, Toray Chemical 
-Samjong Accounting Corp.
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Next Organization of Investor Relations Event 2019-08-19
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