Decision on Cash Dividend and Dividend in Kind 2019-07-29
1. Dividend Type Quarterly Dividend
2. Dividend in Distribution Cash Dividend
- Details of Dividend in Kind -
3. Dividend per Share(KRW) Common Shares 800
Different Classes of Shares -
- Difference Dividend No
4. Dividend Ratio to Market Value (%) Common Shares 1.0
Different Classes of Shares -
5. Total Dividend Amount (KRW) 57,774,716,000
6. Dividend Record Date 2019-06-30
7. Scheduled Dividend Payment Date 2019-08-14
8. If Classified as Holding Shareholders' Meeting No
9. Scheduled Date of Shareholders' Meeting -
10. Date of Board Resolution (Decision Date) 2019-07-29
- Attendance of Outside Directors Present(No.) 4
Absent(No.) 1
- Attendance of Auditors(members of Audit Committee) Present
11. Other references useful for making investment decisions
- The above total amount of dividend is calculated by excluding 1,581,224 shares of the treasury shares among 73,799,619 shares. 
- The above dividend ratio to market value refers to the percentage dividend per share calculated by the arithmetic average of the one-week average close price of two days before the suspension of entry in the register of shareholders. 
- The dividends relating to the "Scheduled Dividend Payment Date" are scheduled to be paid within 20 days after the date of the Board of Directors Meeting pursuant to Article 165-12 of Capital market and Financial Investment Services.
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