Decision on Increase in Short-term Borrowings 2018-08-16
1. Details of Short-term Borrowings Amount of Borrowings (KRW) 60,000,000,000
Equity Capital(KRW) 982,256,529,541
Ratio to Equity Capital(%) 6.11
If Classified as a Large-scale Corporation Yes
2. Details of Changes in Total Short-Term Borrowings(KRW) Before Borrowing After Borrowing
- Commercial Paper(KRW) 600,000,000,000 660,000,000,000
- Borrowings from Financial Institutions(KRW) 70,000,000,000 70,000,000,000
- Overdraft Limit(KRW) - -
- Borrowings from Other Sources than Financial Institutions(KRW) - -
- Private Bonds(Maturity less than 1 year) (KRW) - -
- Other Borrowings (KRW) - -
 Total Amount of Short-term Borrowings (KRW) 670,000,000,000 730,000,000,000
3. Purpose of Borrowing Operation fund
4. Type of Borrowing Commercial paper
5. Date of Board Resolution (Decision Date) 2018-08-01
- Attendance of Outside Directors Present(No.) 0
Absent(No.) 0
- Attendance of Auditors(members of Audit Committee) -
6. Subject to reporting to the Fair Trade Commission No
7. Other references useful for making investment decisions - Above "equity capital" is as of end FY2017 (Consolidated) 
- Above "Details of Changes in Total Short-Term Borrowings" is based on non-consolidated financial statement.. 
- Above "Date of Board Resolution (Decision Date)" is a date of Management Committee Resolution.
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